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417 Hull Ave. Jerome, AZ 86331

(928) 634-9576


Our 2016 Moscato starts off with a fragrant nose of delicate floral notes such as rose petal and elderflower, and fruit such as peach, apricot, and orange citrus. Aged for 11 months in French Oak.  Label: Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol.

Bottle $19  Glass $7

Opening with notes of vanilla and citrus on the nose, our 2016 Chardonnay is creamy with flavors of green apple, peach, and banana. Aged 11 months in French Oak. 

Label: Signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

Bottle $19  Glass $7

Aged for 23 months in French Oak, our 2015 Syrah exhibits aromas of blackberry and cocoa. On the palate are deep flavors of black currant, red berry and dark chocolate. 

Label: Julius Caesar and the Senate. 

Bottle $29  Glass $9

Perfumed with cherry, plum, and spice, our 2015 Malbec exudes flavors of black currant, raspberry, and cranberry. Aged for 23 months in French Oak. 

Label: Pete Best and The Beatles. 

Bottle $29  Glass $9

Our 2015 Conspiracy red blend is 70% Petit Verdot, 24% Malbec, and 6% Tinta Cao. This deep flavorful wine ends with bright notes of blueberry sauce and candied violets. 

Label: Shoeless Joe Jackson and the infamous Black Sox. 

Bottle $49  Glass $12

Buy 2 Bottles and we'll apply your tasting fee towards your bottle purchase! 15% off cases! 

Tasting Menu $12

2016 Moscato

2016 Chardonnay

2015 Syrah

2015 Malbec

2015 Conspiracy

Artisan Cheese Board $16

Port Salut - France

A semi-soft cheese that has a mild sweet flavor. This cheese is smooth and velvety with a lightly acidic finish. 

Corozon De Ronda Manchego - Spain

Is arguably Spain's signature cheese. Made from sheep's milk, it is a nutty, piquant flavor and has a smooth texture. 

Parmesan Reggiantino - Uruguay 

A salty, hard, Argentine-style cheese that is reminiscent of Reggiano. 

Port Derby - England

A yellow cheese with a firm texture similar to Cheddar. This artisanal process ensures an elegant burgundy veining and preserves the smooth and creamy texture. 

Sage Derby - England

Cheddar is fused with sage and spinach to create a green veined, semi-hard cheese with a mild, delightful sage flavor. This process began in the 17th century when sage was believed to posses health- giving properties. 

Il Villaggio Taleggio - Italy 

A complex flavor of a hint of buttery sweetness, a tinge of saltiness, and a slight truffle aftertaste. It is springy to the touch with a pungent aroma. 

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